Vigor standard glovebox is a top-of-the-line glovebox model: Our Purifier capacity and patented sealing technology are complimentary. Vigor's all-welded stainless-steel design minimizes potential points of leakage and allows you to have a fast and easy initial set up. Our unique seals enable our gloveboxes to experience exceptionally low leakage rates (<0.001 vol%/h). We combine our exceptional all-welded platform with the expected high quality ancillary components: Siemens PLCs, Burkert valves, Edwards vacuum pumps, General Electric fuel cell oxygen analyzers, Xentaur moisture analyzers, and Fuji blowers. Our purification train is also impressive performer: its capacity is typically 2-3 times higher than that of other glove boxes. Any accessory that you need to make your research easier can easily be integrated since each glovebox is custom made.


Patented Leak Free Sealing Technology
  • Ultra-low leakage rate (over an order of magnitude lower than the industry standard of 0.05 vol%l/h)
  • Ultra-low impurity levels (O2 and H2O quickly drop below 1 ppm)
  • Low regeneration frequency (usually once per year)
  • Long seal lifetime, often over 10 years without any signs of leakage
  • Ultra-low energy consumption
High Efficiency Purificaiton System
  • High Efficient
  • Low moisture and oxygen contents (<1 ppm, Minimum: 0.1 ppm)
Accurate O2 & H2O Analysis
Oxygen Analyzer:
  • Excellent Accuracy, especially at low ppm
  • Not affected by solvents
  • Low cost, replaceable sensor
Moisture Analyzer:
  • Accurate, reliable, widely used
  • No maintenance required
  • Low cost, replaceable sensor


Box Material 304 SS
Dimensions (mm) Length: 1200/1500/1800/2400 mm
Width: 750 mm
Height: 900 mm
Internal Storage Length: 990/1290/990 mm
Width: 180 mm
304 SS
Fixed or adjustable shelves
Panel Toughened glass
Thickness: 8 mm
Lighting LED
Glove Ports Aluminium
O-type sealing ring
Diameter: 220mm
Gloves Butyl rubber
Thickness: 0.4mm
Feedthroughs KF 40 flanges sealed with blank caps
Power Interface 110/220V
Filters Mounted on the vents
Large Antechamber Material 304 SS 
White baking varnish
Brushed inner surface
Location Left or right side
Dimensions Inner diameter: 370 mm
Inner length: 600 mm
Transfer Mode Sliding tray
Internal Tray 304 SS
Door Double doors
Anodised aluminium
Thickness: 10mm
Operation Mode Manual and automatic
Optional Antechamber Rectangle L-shaped Cylindrical T-shaped Rectangle T-shaped
Small Antechamber Material 304 SS 
White baking varnish
Brushed inner surface 
Location Left or right side
Dimensions Inner diameter: 150 mm
Inner length: 300 mm
Transfer Mode Sliding tray
Internal Tray 304 SS
Door Double doors
Anodised aluminium
Thickness: 10mm
Operation Mode Manual
Stand Adjustable levelers and castors for mobility
Power Line 2 holes/3 holes socket

Gas Purification Systems

Sing/Double Column/Regenerable Organic Column
Items Single Column Double Column Regenerable Organic Column
Dimensions(mm)LxWxH 550x880x830 610x1180x830 605x880x830
Gas Purification Column 1 2(One for backup) 1
Capacity O2:45-60L   H2O:2-2.5kg O2:90-120L   H2O:4-5kg -
It can be regenerated by hydrogen-containing working gas to restore purification capacity after saturation.
Organic Solvent Column 1 1
Circulation Blower 1 (Rate of Flow: 60 or 90m³/h)
Technical Parameter
  • Control System:PLC by Siemens, 7"color touchscreen
  • Vacuum Pump:Oil pump,Maximum velocity: 12m3/h
  • Tube:Stainless steel
  • Main Control Valve:Electromagnetic pneumatic valve/Electric pneumatic control
  • Working Gas:N2, Ar, H2
  • Regeneration Gas:N2, Ar & H2 mixture (H2 Concentration:5-10 %)
  • Operation Mode:Closed-circuit circulation
  • Purification Area:Maximum: 5m³
  • Criterion:H2O<1PPM;O2<1PPM
  • Regeneration:Automatic programming
  • Box Pressure Control:Automatic pressure control,pedal and manual control (Adjustable Pressure Range:± 10mbar)

Optional Accessories

  • Oxygen Analyzer
  • Static Eliminator
  • Plug
  • Gas/Liquid/Vacuum Feedthrough with single-valve
  • Freezer
  • Microscope
  • OLED Packing System
  • Moisture Analyzer
  • Oil-mist Filter+Oil-return Device
  • Electrochemical Feedthrough
  • Gas/Liquid/Vacuum Feedthrough with double-valve
  • Air Conditioner
  • Dedusting System
  • Spin Coater
  • Oil Pump
  • Glove-port Baffle
  • Oil for Vacuum Pump
  • Gas/Liquid/Vacuum Cooking Feedthrough
  • Dry Pump
  • BNC Feedthrough
  • Activated Carbon
  • Power Interface
  • Heating Antechamber(Cylindrical)
  • T-shaped Antechamber
  • Hot Plate
  • Heat/Cold Trap
  • Protector for Moisture/Oxygen Analyzer











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