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Vigor is ready to work with you to design any kind of system you may need, making new and challenging research projects possible.

Custom Inert Atmosphere Systems

Application Area

Chemical Synthesis Glovebox
  • Long lifespan
  • O2 < 1 PPM H2O < 1 PPM
  • Low leakage(<0.001%/h)
  • Excellent purifier capacity(O2: 60-70L)
  • Accurate moisture and oxygen detection
  • Infrequent regeneration
  • Low failure rate
  • Safe and convenient
Nuclear Research & Industry Glovebox
  • Advanced leak-free technology
  • Radiation protection: lead plate, flint glass, leaded gloves
  • Ultra-low moisture and oxygen content: <1ppm
  • Capacity of no-leak or contamination glove changing
  • Safe transfer of nuclear materials: bag-in-bag-out technologies
OLED/OPV Glovebox
  • Cleanroom systems
  • Coating equipment
  • Vacuum coating equipment
  • Manual or automatic packaging equipment
  • Thermal treatment equipment
  • Available air conditioning system
Lithium Battery and Supercapacitor Glovebox
  • Excellent seal ability with long lifespan
  • Patented moisture and oxygen protective devices
  • Strong resistance to organic solvents
  • Can integrate with different vacuum heating/drying technologies
Additive Manufacturing Glovebox
  • Custom enclosures around your AM machine process
  • Low O2 and H2O gas management integration
  • Pre-process powder packaging enclosures
  • Post-process de-powdering enclosures
  • Hermetic powder storage with on-board O2 monitoring
Laser Welding Glovebox
  • Low leakage rate
  • Low moisture and oxygen content
  • Ergonomic
  • Accurate moisture and oxygen detection
  • Process efficient
  • Fast and slow purge features available

소형 Glovebox

Type Vented Gloveboxes (non-pressurized) Pressurized Gloveboxes
How Mechanical isolation & containment for inventory control, eye protection, demonstration and low-risk hazard handling Clean, anaerobic, special atmosphere, hazard control and high-risk handling of sensitive or dangerous materials/items
What Clean-room powder handling, Industrial QC/inspection, Filing/ grinding, Light assembly, Low-risk pharma/biotech processes, Museum exhibits Sterile / Clean handling, Cytotoxic IV prep., Anaerobic isolation, Biological Safety Cabinet, Haz-Mat containment, Compounding, Hypoxic processing, Nitrogen or Argon atmosphere processes
Model Selection Select Safe-T-Dome Splash, or Exhibit-Dome Model Select Safe-T-Dome, or Posi-Dome Model
  • Compact한 디자인 설계로 공간제약이 없습니다.
  • 글러브박스 내에 Dry 환경을 만들 수 있습니다.
  • 불산 및 염기성 등 인체에 유해한 물질로 부터 차단을 시켜 피부 및 눈을 보호 합니다.
  • 어떠한 외부환경으로부터도 완벽 차단 하여 글러브박스 안의 내용물을 보호해 줍니다. (PC, 전자제품, 전시품, 과일, 식물, 곤충 등)
  • 글러브박스 내 유해한 실험여건을 제공 합니다. (위험물질, 말벌 등 위험곤충류로부터 보호)
박스재질 Clear PETG Polymer
바닥재질 Black ABS Polymer
내부칫수 59 cm W x 44 cm D x 46 cm H (at center of the base)
외부높이 (Dome top) 41 cm H
외부바닥 넓이 71 cm W x 58.5 cm D x 0.3 to 3.5 cm H
중량 (Safe-T-Domew 기준) Mass 3.7 to 4.66 kg (8.1 to 10.3 lbs.) Model이나 option에 따라 다름

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