Distillation equip

  • Usually, distillation means separating and refining different boiling points substances by evaporate to condense the mixture.
  • For example, distillation system is used for distilling liquors and refining oils. We are available for various distillations equipment.
  • Those are available with some joint sizes and flask sizes other than those listed below. Please contact us for details.
Othmer method vapor / liquid equilibrium measuring apparatus

This apparatus is for taking data of two substances 'based on Vapor-liquid equilibrium. The data is for making xy equilibrium chart.

Distillation under reduces pressure apparatus

Distillation under reduced pressure apparatus could distill samples of low boiling point. It is popular distillation technique.
This is for distillating small amount of high boiling point substances distillation under high vacuum.

Fine distillation apparatus

These apparatuses efficiently separate substance from mix samples having extremely close boiling point each other. Separating mix samples by distillation. We have with packed or without packed column. Packing is our original one SUS net.

Our packed columns were already standardize theoretical steps. We give you a charts of relationship between theoretical steps and voltage load. We have various distillation columns of sizes and theoretical steps.

Steam distillation apparatuses

These apparatuses are for steam distillation. Sample oils have up to 300 ℃ boiling point under normal pressure. To distillate oils with steam.

These apparatuses could take out oils in lower temperature than its 'boiling points because steam partial pressure makes low boiling point. These apparatuses are used for extracting natural substances. We have some kinds of apparatus for your purpose.

Distilling columns and Packings

We have many kinds of columns and packings for each purpose of distilling experiments. You could choose one from our products. If you unable to make your decision, or you have any questions for selecting distilling equipments please contact us.


We are preparing easy-to-use srandard 5, 10, 20 steps columns "KIRIYAMA Pac"packed by the SUS net which we have been using for several years and it 's HETP is arround 20mm per steps.