Sublimation Purification equip

Sublimational purification equipment

  • Solid substances are heated in vacuum vessel under reduced pressure and directory changes to vapor. As soon as the vapor reach to condenser, it is crystalized on the surface of condenser. Sublimation is the way of solids purification for liquid crystal, Org.EL and catalyst ligands and so on. We have various kinds of sublimation purification equipment from very small scale to lab plant scale.
Sublimation apparatus for very small quantity

We developed the convenient sublimation apparatus specialized for a very small quantity base on the Mill-type device. The design is brushed up as the best.

Small sublimation apparatus

These are for general use sublimation apparatuses. Depend on experiment and refrigeration you could choose, eg water, dry ice or ice.

Middle size sublimation apparatus

This apparatus is designed following to big Mr. Mill 's sublimation tube. We choose separable flask for easy to take out crystals. Processing volume is about 50g.

Sublimation purification pilot plant

This pilot plant is designed for 500mL volume but we could arrange it smaller to bigger. After sublimation completed, change the cooling agent to the heating medium and drop the crystals attached on the surface of the cooler to the receiver. You can get crystals without scratching . Please contact us for details.