Automated Synthesis

스위스의 start up기업 Synple chem은 아인슈타인의 모교로 알려져 있는 ETH Zurich에서 투자받으며, 2017 top 100 startup Award를 수상하며 전 세계적으로 기술력과 아이디어를 인정 받았습니다. 화학합성 분야의 Nespresso라 불리는 이 장비는 더 빠르고, 더 편리하고, 더 안전하고, 더 효율적으로 국내 화학 및 의약학 발전에 기여를 하고자, 2019년도에 씨엔티교역과 대한민국 단독 대리점 계약을 맺었습니다. 화학 합성의 혁신적인 새 바람 자동합성기를 소개합니다.

Chemical synthesis needs to evolve and adapt to the challenges of the future, and free itself from the restraints of laborious and time-consuming processes. New technologies must strive to provide safe, effective and productivity enhancing solutions. Our new automated capsule based synthesiser addresses all these issues and more!

The small and compact capsule-based synthesizer for the generation of research products, works in an analogous manner to a capsule coffee maker. Simply add the starting material to be transformed and a commercially available, single-use, disposable reagent capsule and with a single touch of a button, the product is generated, isolated and purified!

Following the generation of the desired product, an automated washing sequence allows the machine to be used directly by another user without risk of contamination With all the chemicals and solvents required for the transformation, as well as the waste generated, the risk of user exposure is drastically reduced. Thus this technology offers not only time-saving, productivity, and efficiency benefits, but it offers a far safer process than the respective traditional synthetic procedure.

The 3 in 1 solution offers an unprecedented combination of hardware, software and an optimized chemical process. Use of the automated synthesizer, in conjunction with the specialised capsules, offers the opportunity to break free of the limitations imposed by traditional synthesis, and the benefits of a safe, time-efficient, cost effective, plug and play synthetic procedure.

Step 1.Pick your reaction

Pick your starting material and one of the Synple reagent cartridges.

Step 2.Start the process

Insert both into the Synthesizer and press START. No tedious parameter input necessary. 5 minutes to setup.

Step 3.Let the machine do all the work

Synthesizer will perform the reaction. No user involvement necessary during the reaction.

Step 4.Collect your pure product ready for the next step

A simple purification step in the sequence results in a pure product, which is ready for the next step. An automatic clean prepares the Synthesizer for the next user.

Available Cartridges and Reactions :

Heterocycle foramation (SnAP)

Reductive Amination

PROTAC formation

Biotin tags (NEW!)

Fluorination (coming soon)!

Mitsunobu (coming soon)

Boc Protection (coming soon)

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